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Perfect betta tank?


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Waterbox mini peninsula 15—the perfect betta tank????

It's self contained and seems quite flexible in terms of filtration options. Put a small heater in the back, cheap led gooseneck light...room for a few other nano fish

Can the flow rate be adjusted at the pump?

I know it can be done a lot less expensively but it looks frikkin' awesome.

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With tanks that have a built in sump like that, I have found that you can use an air lift system instead of a mechanical pump. You get lots of water flow and aeration, with a very gentle flow. Also doesn't have the issues that a mechanical pump has (impellers, clogging, sucking up tiny critters and killing them). You can also put terrestrial plants in that sump area for actual water filtration. I have a similar tank to that one (it has a built in sump) and it works great for me. Some mechanical pumps have the ability to regulate the flow, but many don't. You can always add a sponge to the outflow, or you can buy a light dimmer and plug your pump into that. 

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