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Goldfish - Debated Topics


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So I've been wondering about 2 specific topics when it comes to goldfish. I see evidence that seems true on both sides of the argument in both topics.


Topic 1:  Stunting

This topic I see more impressive evidence on both sides than the other one so it confuses me more. There is obvious reasons why stunting may be bad for an organism. Unnaturally forcing their body to conform to a condition we put it into rather than naturally letting it grow on its own. But I have seen compelling arguments that stunting isn't bad, and some people even argue it's good! 

Those who have argued it's actually good for them tend to also advocate for them to not be stunted their whole lives but to have them eventually reach full size. The argument is that the rapid growth they would take if allowed to grow at full speed is hard on their bodies. Therefore, stunting purely to slow down this rapid growth may be healthy. 

The arguments for stunting for a goldfish's entirely life is a bit confusing. Basically the top longest lived goldfish were all stunted their entire lives. Some reaching over 40 years old. I gotta admit, a selfish part of me likes this evidence purely because I would love to keep a couple goldfish in a 10 or 20 gallon someday if I discovered it was healthy for the fish. 


Topic 2:  Goldfish with Tropical Fish (Temp)

This discussion will stick to the temperature issues and not bioload or other compatibility issues. 

As most of you know, it's widely not suggested to keep goldfish with tropical fish because of the temperature differences. I have, however, heard some compelling arguments against this. One argument states that the recommended temp for both over lap at around 74 degrees F.  Another argues that goldfish can thrive at temps up to 82 F and infact do in Asia. I honestly have looked into this topic far less than the other. 


What do you think about both these topics?  Do you have more info to add?

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gold fish with tropical fish sure!!!! the thing is i had goldfish perfecly over 22 c the thing is you have to get them used to the temperature and they will thrive

in places like dominican republic they breed golfish in ponds with in the same temp bettas are

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