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Cleaning pre-owned tank


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Hello, everyone!   So I just got a 20 gallon UNS tank from my LFS.   It was a display tank in their store previously.  It's been drained for maybe 2 weeks now.  My question is....   How would you disinfect the tank?   To my (and the LFS's) knowledge there were no diseases in the tank prior to them emptying it for me.   Would 2 weeks be enough time dry to kill off any nasties?  Or should I wipe it down with bleach just to be on the safe side?


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I agree, bleach (chlorine) is too nasty.

Hydrogen peroxide is an option, still probably overkill but safe - potential residue breaks down gracefully in opposite to the above.

Salt! Common salt is cheap, harmless in residue concentrations and lethal to many (almost all, I'd say) organisms in higher concentrations.

I'd probably just clean and let dry though. Maybe sponge with brine.

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