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Worms worth worrying about?


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I have a 20 gallon planted tank with 3 adult guppies and fry, ~6 cherry shrimp and fry, 2 nerite snails, 1 assassin snail, and pests snails of some kind. I've been noticing these small white worms on my aquarium glass since I brought in new plants. They don't seem to bother anything. Are they detritus worms? I just want to make sure they won't slowly kill off any of the guppy or shrimp babies. Thanks in advance!

  • Temp: 78*F
  • Ammonia 0 ppm
  • Nitrate 10 ppm
  • Nitrite 0 ppm
  • gH 300 ppm
  • kH 80 ppm
  • pH 7.2-7.6
  • Chlorine 0 ppm



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Could be planaria or a similar species of flatworm?

They are common aquarium microfauna that come in as hitchhikers but true planaria could be after tiny shrimp, their eggs or snail eggs. 

Couple of sites that might help for proper identification. Once you figure out the specific species then you will know how (or if) to deal with them.

Hope this helps!



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