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Planting Guide - 29 Gallon Tank


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I am starting a new 29 gallon aquarium and am just about ready to start cycling the tank and would like to order plants in the next week or so.  Below is a list of plants I am considering.  I have not grown live aquarium plants before except for one or two here and there years ago.

I would love your thoughts on the appropriate number / mix of plants so that the aquarium isn't over or under planted.  Also, please feel free to suggest a different mix, addition or deletion of plants on my list.

Is that too many plants?  Too few?  I want the plants to elevate the overall look of the aquarium and to help improve water quality.  Not sure how important the list of potential fish is but here is what I am considering:

  • Silver Hatchet Fish - Top Level - Qty = 6
  • Zebra Danio - Top Level - Qty = 10
  • Neon Tetra - Middle Level - Qty = 10
  • Golden Mystery Snail - All Over - Qty = 3
  • Corydoras - Bottom - Qty = 6

Thanks in advance!



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On 1/6/2022 at 1:44 PM, IrwinMFletcher said:

Hi Left O,

Thanks for the clarification.  Do you think it is appropriate to have more than one of the other plants?

yes, multiples of the others.  more than likely some will die on you, and some will thrive.

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