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Algae or nutrient dificient

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20220104_224926.jpg.4a091bbb338d92ba88df9fe009f5ff9d.jpgcan  someone tell me what is going on with my plant. I have been trying to figure out if it's brown algae and I should leave it alone, or if my plants are nutrient deficient. I also have an Amazon sword which leaves are curling with edges browning and brown spots. I just recently got easy green and started dosing. This is week 2 of using easy green. Each plant was planted with a root tab.  20220104_225022.jpg.cbed93d7d7f8a7533b09fc5c1d3bb016.jpg






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Our tank has been set up since the end of November.  The spider moss has been in since day 1. The pogo and amazon sword have been in since December 12-15th from aquarium co op.  The other plants were recently added in the last 2 weeks. The Staurogyne Repens and the banana plant are from aquarium co op. The grassy plant and other stem plant are from the pet works I believe and are converting from c02 tanks so I am expecting them to change a little. 

My water parameters are as of today

Ph 7.4

Ammonia 0

Nitrite 0

Nitrate 10-20ppm

I have 3 mollies 1gold dust, 2 lyretail

7 barbs 3 green 3 albino 1 tiger

1 red tail shark

It's the pogo and amazon sword I am wondering the most about. As they have been in the longest,  the pogo still grows daily, so much I actually split it into 3. but turns more brown as well

Also I did just finish getting ick out of my tank. I dont know if that would impact the plants or not

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I don't have any pogo in my tank but I do have three different kinds of swords I purchased a little over a year ago and they did go through some melting for awhile. Yours hasn't been in that long and since you did add root tabs, maybe it's just melting? It took my swords all this time to really start growing like crazy, especially the Amazon sword

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