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First, sorry if I’m just not finding my answer through searching! Second, I’m new here, so yay! 

I just harvested my first BBS from the Ziss hatchery (nifty contraption). I’m feeding two sets of angelfish fry (I’m a newbie in this area as well). Oldest are 4 1/2 weeks free swimmers, youngest 2 weeks free swimmers. I started with 1 tsp of eggs, and that’s a lot of BBS! I’m wondering a couple things:

1) how often to feed them?  (I’m using the turkey baster) & how much?

2) can I keep the BBS with an air stone in a container for a day or two???

3) any info anyone can share is much appreciated!

Thank you!! 

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im no expert, but have had bbs live in the hatchery for at least 24hrs after hatching. i feed 2 or 3 times out of the hatchery, then ill freeze the rest in mini silicone ice cube trays.  will get many feedings out of the frozen cubes of bbs.

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Mine stayed alive for 48 hours after hatching. With aeration.

After that, I just poured them in a glass container and put them in the fridge (no aeration), where they lasted another couple of days. When I say "lasted," I mean I could take the BBS out with a turkey baster (they go to the bottom) and feed them, and the angelfish fry would eat them. I am not 100% sure they were still alive because when they get cold there is not a lot of movement.

Using this method, I am sure I fed BBS 3 days after hatching and I think even four days.

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