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What to Put on This?

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On 1/4/2022 at 1:23 PM, Cinnebuns said:

@Minanora that's what overwhelms me lol. I know very little about plants. I assume by its name weeping moss would hang off of it?  That would be cool. Is it easy to care for?  My green thumb is a little yellow. 

 For ease; but, it may not "weep" so much but Taxiphyllum alternans 'Taiwan' is a pretty moss that is easy to care for. Christmas Moss is nice but it doesn't take on such a green underside. I also like Taxiphyllum barbieri. I have Christmas Moss in my 75G, but do wish I had gone for the Taxiphyllum family. They're easier to grow and I like their texture more.

Certain mosses will weep depending on the water parameters. Softer waters/less nitrates... it depends on the variety.

I'm by no means an expert on moss, but there are some very knowledgeable people here that I'm sure will chime in to offer recommendations as well!

It also depends on where you're wanting to get your plants from. Some things are easier to find than others.

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