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Pigment disappearing -- splotchy

Aaron S

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3-4 weeks after ich outbreak (primarily affecting loaches, never seen on riselines)...

This Roseline shark is losing more and more of it's black pigment, in splotches. It's back pigment is darker or missing. The black midline is missing in segments.  

Behavior is normal. Eating enthusiastically. Skin surface looks healthy. 

All other riselines normal.



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@Colu, columnaris... Even if there are no lesions on the skin? Water parameters are pretty good. No ammonia or nitrites. I battle nitrates because they're 30 PPM coming out of the tap from the well. With plants and water changes, I'm able to keep them right at around 30.

Everyone else is doing well. No bullying. I never see the least sign of aggression, even around food. Pigment loss has been progressing for about 2 weeks.

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Columnaris can start with white patches like your seeing some stains of Columnaris do progress more slowly the fact that it's been two weeks and no other fish are showing symptoms less likely to Columnaris what I would do is Qarantine if you can and treat with aquarium salt 1 table spoon for 3 gallons and kanaplex in food for 1 one week @Aaron S


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