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Nothing super important, but I stumbled upon baby panda corys this evening!

Melinda P

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Just like the title says; I happened to walk past my 20 long tonight and see these two little fellas (the rest of my pandas are full grown). They look about 2 cm long, which Google tells me (breeders, feel free to tell me otherwise) means they’re ~8 weeks old. 

It certainly surprised me, but it was a little bit of happiness in the last few weeks of my own personal hell. Never intended on breeding them, obviously, but makes me feel good that my corys were well taken care of enough to spawn and for fry to survive!

Just wanted to share my little bout of ‘fish happy’ tonight 😊


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On 1/4/2022 at 10:23 AM, HydraSlayer said:

Congrats on the fry! I can't wait to be able to breed some egg laying species. The only thing I'm able to breed rn is some livebearers.

Same! I feel like livebearers are like humans; they don’t need much to breed other than water/air😂😂

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