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Corydoras injured… should I treat with something?

Karen B.

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One of my adult corydoras managed to get stuck somewhere and injured himself pretty badly trying to get free.

Day 1




And here is today. I am not sure if it’s healing properly or if we are starting to see fungus. I am wondering what I should be doing?

Note that I just come back from a 2 week vacation. For day 1-2 I put him on a small container (he wouldn’t move and kept hiding) until I could do a thorough cleaning of the tank. On day 3, i did a 50% WC on the aquarium, vacuumed the bottom, cut the plants, etc. I let the water settle down (a bit of debris was floating as I moved, replanted, trimmed, etc) and added my sick fish back in the tank. Since then he Is behaving normally, swimming around, looking for food.

My tank is 20 gallons community tank,pH 6.6, kh 0 (working oh that), gh 300, temp 75, 0/0/10, planted, Aqueon quietflow 30 HOB filter + aquarium coop airsponge. Current population : 3 honey gourami, 6 Chili rasboras and 6 adults/8 babies false julii corydoras 


Should I :

1 - do nothing and watch?

2 - add something to the main tank (API stresscoat, pimafix, maracyn, paracleanse, salt and Ick-x is what I currently have).

3 - Tomorrow I am receiving 12 Chili rasboras that I will put in quarantine in a 10 gallons with the aquarium coop meds. Should I transfer him in that tank?

Thank you for your time!


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