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Root Tab Schedule

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Hello all,

I recently planted some Cryptocoyne’s and Jungle Val in one of my aquariums and gave each plant its own root tab from Aquarium Co Op. It’s my first time owning both of these plants. Is one root tab each enough and when should I give them more? I also dose easy green, easy iron, and seachem’s flourish potassium when needed for my established Anubias and Java Fern’s. I read to wait until you see plant deficiency until placing more root tabs because they are hungry again, but that doesn’t seem right to me. Any insight is appreciated. 
Thank You!

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I would agree with placing the root tabs in only once you see some nutrient defencies. If you just added root tabs it may take a day or two before you start seeing improvement. If you haven't, you could probably add another one. However they could also just be melting back, which is completley normal  to newly added plants especially with crypts.

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