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Seachem: is it a good brand?

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Hello everyone!

I recently bought Seachem's Flourite clay substrate thinking it would be a cheaper alternative to Fluval Stratum, but then I talk to some of my fish nerds on Discord only to find out that it literally has no benefit in growing plants. I also used to use Seachem's fertilizer, but I'm not sure if it really did anything for the plants. My mom also recently bought some of their medicine. So, my question is this:

Is any Seachem's products any good? If so, which products do yall recommend from then?

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Seachem Meds are excellent and any inert substrate comes down to cosmetics. All inert substrates grow plants very well, except maybe the finest of sands, and you shouldn't use ultra fine sands. 

Seachem filters are okay, I had a few problems with a tidal 55, but customer service fixed the problems quickly.

Seachem Prime and Stability work well and Garlic Guard does what it's intended for.

The Seachem line of fertilizers are a total rip off and I would avoid them at all cost. Do they work, sure, but you are being ripped off. You are being ripped off.

Root tabs are not necessary. I think people use them as a crutch without realizing the problems they can cause. Just put an ounce more effort into researching fertilization, it's worth it to do so.

Is Seachem a good, brand? Absolutely.

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Although I have not use fluorite I use many seachem products for many years. I trust them completely. On their website is a phone number any tank issue I ever had prior to finding this forum they walked me through patiently and competently. Their customer service is wonderful. 

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My fish literally live on seachem prime. Ever since my LFS recommended prime about 3 years ago, it has been my favorite declorinator by far. From there, I have ventured into some of their other products, the first being PH booster. It works great and doesn’t shock guppies, but I don’t know about other fish. I did try their flourish, but I can’t see a difference in plant growth. I think that fish poop is just as good if not better than flourish.

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