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Endler breeding


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Hi everyone,

My male endlers are constantly chasing the females. I'm a bit worried that if that might be a problem for the females as they are being chased constantly.

Should I separate them. I have 5 males and 7 female. Should I add some more females?





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Well, probably in about 30 days you're going to have females arriving every month or so, so by the time you find some adult females and put them through QT, you might not need more.

If you feel like your fish have had sufficient time to get pregnant, you could also remove all the males and let the females be pregnant in peace, if you have another tank for the boys to live in. 

My male French Blue Star endler is the biggest harrasser of females I have ever seen. He is non-stop right up under her. Whereas my ginga guppy males appear totally platonic but still manage to get their ladies pregnant.

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