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Don’t you hate it when . . .


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. . . you go to put your container of fish food on your tank lid, except you forgot you just took the lid off?

I just dumped about half a container of Xtreme flake into a 29 gallon. Looked like a snow globe full of red snow!

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I'm kinda lucky with this one. I kinda have a lot of fish to feed and like @Dean’s Fishroom I have a menu with measurements that others can use to feed if I'm not home. All the food's in 1 place, grab and go. Container in 1 hand, measuring spoon in the other. I don't have to put the container down until it's time to put it back and grab the next one. 

My problem is the BBS and net. Sometimes I get like a little bit, sometimes I get a giant cloud. Still working on this lol

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