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Bought 50 Guppy fish, half have died during quarantine.


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Hi. Everybody.

Need some guidance please. I recently bought from a breeder 50 male guppy, 35 blue platy and 25 white balloon molly.

The have been in quarantine during 6 days and tommorrow they are coming out but the weird thing is I have not lost any Molly or Platy fish but every day Im loosing Guppies.

Im applying the same protocol to both of them:

- Praziquantel

- Metromidazol

- Levimasole

- Erithromycin

I dont have access to brand name so Im using phamceutical grade and veterinarian grade. Ive used them before and despite having a couple of losses in the past nothing like seeing fish drop like this time. I taught it was the water and nope the guppy kept being taken down, I exchanged the tanks nothing and put them together all three species and only gupoy die.

Please give me some light on the matter, I dont understand what is happening and it intrigues me. I would like to take care of the money I spent and have them around to apreciate them. Cheers!


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Hate to hear that but I'm having the same problem I have a 40 gallon with a bala shark an angel 5 cory cats 6 tetras and 6 zebra Danios haven't had a fish death in a couple years

I started a 20 long with 10 neon tetras 3 cory cats everything is great but every time I put a guppie in there it only lasts for 3 to 5 days

If you figure it out please pass it along I will do the same.

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did you add all of the fish to one tank or were they kept in separate tanks? how large is the qt tank? how often were you doing water changes? what were the parameters at when the fish died? we need some more info to really identify the problem but im leaning towards water quality issues + stress

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