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Well, my turnip in my HOB waterfall filter is out preforming my pathos and lucky bamboo!  It is growing like crazy. The roots that have escapes down the waterfall have reached the bottom of the tank. The leaves are not as dark as they were. I either need to over feed the fish a bit more or fertilize the water. Or maybe it needs some iron? 

I also like the splash of purple and white above the water.

I have hung a bunch of red mangrove seedlings in the tank as well.

I'm going to look for some organic carrot next time I am in Ithaca. I have another filter like this on the other side of the tank with lucky bamboo in it to put some carrots in.

Any other fun/funny plant ideas?

Here is the current photo, and below if a photo from Dec 21, just 9 days ago




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@Guppysnail Maybe you could rig up some SCUB gear for your fish and have them wonder your garden?

@Guppysnail Don't laugh ! Think of how enriching it would be for your fish.... Maybe a water tight hamsters ball sort of thing? Your are creative, I'm sure you can come up with something!

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It has generally taken me 6 months to get the beginning of a root nub the traditional way on a rose stem.


I decided to try the light egg crate on my fry grow out tank, and placed a rose stem in that I had pretty much given up on rooting....

16409330536167147456798885279446.jpg.271da03a9a1750aa6891e2fac3ff899f.jpg(gotta love the photo bombers)

You can see the beginning of a root ball....(left of the danio's tail)16409331221952214912304862925347.jpg.7a3e28b92cb56c4bb2ca7468fc974958.jpg

And here you can see the root extending from the root ball.

Once I am able to return to water changes and get medical clearance for activity, it will be interesting to see if rose plants help keep nitrates down. 

If yes, I have an idea of a plant that will safely work in the turtle pond. 

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That turnip in my 55 is doing so well, I really want to set one up in my betta 10 gallon tank. I have the new turnip, with a bit of hopeful green leaf showing. I have the top part of a water filter thing to hold the turnip. I have green insulating foam and glue to make it float with the turnip in it..

Now I need to figure out how to set it up so the betta doesn't jump out. I have a hinged glass lid on the betta tank that the kitten like to sit on because the tank is heated. He also stands on it to drink out of the 55 tank.

So what ever I rig up, it has to keep a mostly grown kitten above the water, and a betta who is feeling so much better under the water, and a turnip at the waterline.

I also have to be able to feed the fish regularly.  

This is getting complicated. I will probably need to sleep on it. 

I will enjoy reading any thought and suggestions or day dreams that you come up with.

Thank in advance !!!!

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The Turnip Wins Again !

When last we met upon the heath... 

I wanted to set up a turnip in my 10 gallon tank because the nitrite were rising. I was stumped for a bit on how to do this with out giving the betta an opportunity to jump out of the tank. I studied the 2 tanks for a while and decided to move the HOB with the turnip to the very edge of the 10 gallon tank, and move the plastic strip enough to make room for the HOB. (No need to cut the plastic strip. Completely reversible)

That was Saturday evening. Onw, on Monday evening, the betta tanks nitrites are a big fat ZERO ! No water change, not chemicals, but letting the turnip quietly do it's thing.  The betta fish got  pushed around a bit when it swam in that end of the tank, so he is staying in the other end of the tank now.

I will move the HOB back to the big tank and continue to test water parameters in both tanks. This is much more fun than water changes !

In the photo, you will notice that the turnip turned a darker shade of green while sipping at the 10 gallon tank. I wish I had taken a photo just before the switch. I had noticed the turnip getting pale in the 55 tank and was thinking about adding fertilizer when the idea of the switch hit me.


Image preview

Dec 30 in the 55 gallon tank:



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