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Is this Danio ready to spawn?


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I bought some danios today and one of them has a swollen belly. Does this mean it's a female that's ready to spawn?

From what I've read danios spawn in the morning, scatter dozens of eggs, and will eat their own eggs if given the chance. 

I have a second tank with a bit of algae growth, stocked with a nerite and some amano shrimp. My thought is to leave her in there with a couple males and take them out after her belly shrinks. Is that reasonable?

Also, how crazy is my spawning setup? I don't really have a sense for the size of danio eggs and the level of interest the adults take in eating them, the sponge pad and nylon screws are what I had on hand




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Yep, she could be ready to lay eggs. Yes, if they breed, she'll lay her eggs first thing in the morning, and they will eat them just as soon as they are laid. What breeders used to do in the '60's was to put a layer of marbles on the bottom of a bare tank so the eggs would fall between the marbles where the parents couldn't reach them, but they'll also eat the babies just as soon as the babies are free swimming. Breeders would lower the water level so that there was only about 4 inches of water over the marbles so the parents would have less time between the time the eggs were fertilized, and the eggs disappeared between the marbles.

Good luck and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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