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How many small sponge filters do I need in a 55


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Hi @ToirCigam, welcome to the forum- and fish keeping. I have two 20 gallon tanks, I have 2 air driven sponge filters in EACH of them rated for "up to 20 gallon tanks". Aquarium Co-op's are rated "and up" not up to. If you run smaller filters in larger tanks with bigger bio loads you may just have to squeeze them out more often. Honestly if you were shopping on the Aquarium Co-Op page- you could go with 1 large. Personally I like one in each back corner and they are well hidden by plants. Because the Co-ops are so much bigger than the ones I've purchased online and they are coarse not fine- you could do 2 smalls. So if you just want to go with the small size- buy two. 

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