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FX6 media trays


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Hello all,

I have decided to get away from activated carbon in my planted tank.  I am running FX6 filters.  Right now I have the trays set up as the came.  From top to bottom, bio foam, ceramic rings than carbon pads and bags I make up myself.  I was going to add a filter pad and a polishing pad.  Of course when you search the internet there is so much conflicting info I am not sure where to place what.  Since the flow goes from top tray down I was going to go with a medium course filter pad on top with the polishing pad below it,  than the bio foam in middle and rings on the bottom.   I am considering the bio foam as biological so I didn’t think it should be on top.  Bottom line is I am not sure would love any feedback from someone who has set up something similar.   


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When it comes to canister filters, I recommend having the first filter that water passes through to be a coarse material that will catch larger debris, then medium material or your biological media, with your fine filter pad/floss at the end. With the FX6, I believe that the water passes through the side foam pieces before going through the other media. 

Here is how I would setup your FX6: Coarse material on the outside ring (mechanical), medium foam on the top layer(s)(biological/some mechanical), bio rings in the middle (biological), fine filter pad at the bottom (polishing). 

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I have 2 fx4 and 1 fx5 running on 3 different tanks. On all of them I have the coarse sponge in the outside perimeter. I have each inside tray filled with 2 larger mesh bags of seachem matrix. I mix in crushed coral in a finer mesh bag in half of one of the trays.

I use the canister as a massive biological filtration device. For mechanical I build foam prefilters out of parts from jehmco on the filter intakes. I service these with every water change and believe me they do their job. I open the canister once every 4 to 6 months just to make sure nothing is getting out of hand. It is usually in excellent condition.




I had to saw my intake and use this Reducer fitting 


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