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Inspiration for further stocking of a 160L community aquarium.

Diving Aquarist

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Hey all,

I'm currently cycling a newly setup 160L tank(80*40*50cm, l*w*h). I already have some of the fish that will be inhabiting the tank when it is properly cycled and a bit grown in:

5x green rasbora, will get/breed more

3x adult, and 20+ juvenile Emerald rasbora

8x pygmy corydora

10x Japanese rice fish

Neocaridina shrimp culls

Besides hopefully breeding some of the corydoras, rice fish and rasboras, I'm looking for more to fill the tank, since realistically, I'll only really be seeing the green rasboras and rice fish all the time.

I've been thinking of a large school (20+) of ember tetras (great contrast with the green rasbora) or neon tetra, but a group of longfin zebra danio would look great as well. Do the Zebra danio with the Emerald rasbora hybridize (Both in the Danio genus now)? The genus of these fish changes so often that I'm unsure.

Since I'm doing an experiment with anoxic filtration, I'm not sure if I'll get any meaningful amount of algae, so I'm hesitant to get an algae eater in, although I think a small group of otocinclus would be possible, since they seem to eat biofilm, thus 'compete' with the shrimp.

Does anyone have any fun ideas? I don't want to overstock the tank, but I'd like fish that I can actually see, and are relatively peaceful. The temperature in all of my tanks is 'room temperature' (around 23C/72F in the winter).

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