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Congratulations she is pregnant. I marked in black where the initial gravid spot is, in blue to show her larger fry fill gravid spot. In red she will square off just before delivery. She will also spend time near filters away from the group and surface hover just before delivery. 



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She's quite pregnant! I would venture to guess that you'll have fry within the next week. Once a female has had fry, and has fully set her sperm stores, she will look quite pregnant all of the time, even after giving birth. I find that young guppy females don't look this way as much as older ones. Older, meaning over 5 months old. Once they hit around this age, they look pregnant all the time if they have a supply of materials. They can store sacks for up to 6 months, and have up to 6 broods after leaving contact with a male host.

I recommend marking the calendar once she drops fry. Once she does, expect her to drop again anywhere between 21 and 30 days. I track all of my females "cycles".

Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing photos of the brood! ❤️

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