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Algae and plant growth


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Can't seem to get algae to stop covering all my leaves. I run full CO2 system, dual aquasky lights on my fluval flex 32gallon. I've attached my most recent light setting that have been running for a week. Sword and clover seem to be growing ok, but the other steam plant grows then all the leaves die and only the tip grows a tiny new section. I use eazy green fert 2ish pumps every 3 days, and add 3ml of flourish trace every once in a while. 







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Well just did a phosphate test on my water as recommended by local store. They recommended .25ppm . My water basically turned the test tube black, telling me my levels are off the chart and above 10ppm. Going to do some water changes to basically reset my water and see what happens. I'll add an update if I see any changes. 

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Done 3 10ish gallon water changes and phosphate level has finally got to a point where the color of the test is on the chart maybe 7ppm. Going to keep doing water changes till is gets to .25ppm. 

Ive noticed easy green has phosphorus in it should I be adding easy green throughout this process? 

Once I'm done do I dose easy green untill I'm at 40ppm nitrate?

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On 12/29/2021 at 11:08 AM, Mmiller2001 said:

I would leave PO4 at no less than 5ppm.

How much plant mass do you have?

Check out the pictures From the op I think there's a good amount but I guess its subjective 

5ppm ok ...my local store said .25

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