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Help! Algae Identification?

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Help! I have this algae that’s been growing in my aquariums for a long time… it covers most rocks and substrate in high light areas of the tank. It’s very hard, and cannot be easily removed. I haven’t noticed any fish, snails, or plecos that will eat it. It seems to stain my rocks once I pull them out of the aquarium. Any ideas of what it is and how to treat it? 


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On 1/2/2022 at 11:23 PM, Garrett J said:

Thank you! I’ll try the hydrogen peroxide and see if it makes a difference. What you said is a good idea to at least start narrowing down I think! 

It looks like your Hillstream loach likes it!😊. I have a bunch of juvenile ones growing out right now.  Love them!

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