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The purpose of this thread is to celebrate each Wednesday with pictures of the wood in our tanks.  We could also include discussions of driftwoods, I guess, like what kinds we like best and best uses.  I have one tank with two measly pieces of driftwood.  The bigger piece was sold as spiderwood, the smaller didn't have any name attached to it, it was just a piece of wood screwed to a piece of slate that caught my eye at my lfs.  I will admit, the nighttime lighting from my NICREW RGB Plus made for some neat creepy photos!


I know y'all have better pictures than ME!  Let's see 'em!!!







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I just got stupid happy to see someone still posting for wooded Wednesday.  I posted pics of my office tank in other threads, but hadn't come back here.  Here's a photo of the wood in that tank, complete with some small white dots which are also on the leaves in the tank, and even one or two on the acrylic, as well as my photobombing little betta.  If you pay special attention, you may even spot one of the Nerites and some Neocaridinias.



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4 minutes ago, YellowRose said:

Ok I know its not Wednesday but I just saw this thread. I'm putting together a new tank setup. Upgrading really, from a 10 gallon to a 36 gallon. I'm excited because I found some awesome mopani wood pieces. I'm going to add some annubias and perhaps moss to the piece of wood.


that is a cool piece of mopani. i would pre soak it for a while, lots of dark in it to stain the water.

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