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Indoor pond stocking suggestions


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I was considering setting up a low tech (no filter or heater) pond inside my house. I'm going to use a big plant vase (don't know about the volume yet). It will be heavily planted with emersed and floating plants. Don't know if I will use any aquatic since I won't be able to see them and they won't get enough light. The temperature of the tank will be about 18-22 °C. 

I was considering some cold water fish and this is what I came up with 

  • white cloud mountain minnows 
  •  Endler's live bearers
  • Rosie barbs 
  • CPDs 

I might make it a species only if I want to breed the fish. 

Which one would be the best type to keep in a setting like that, by that I mean which ones would be the most colourful from the top? 


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