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When Christmas trees attack!


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Have you ever been attacked by your Christmas tree or other decorations?  I have.

The restaurant I operated for a number of years was a visually interesting all year round.  At Christmas time it was really special.  Old world feel, heavy timbers, stone fireplaces... were all enhanced with Christmas lights, garlands, and the tree.  The owner would not settle for a "Christmas bush".  It had to be live 13'-15' monster. 

Nobody noticed that the company delivering and installing the tree had neglected to use the safety hook we had installed in the wall. Two hours before dinner I heard a rustling sound and turned in time to get hit by a falling Christmas tree.  The tree wasn’t done with me yet.  While returning the tree to the upright position I found the only broken but still lit bulb. Shocking!  Nothing says Christmas like removing tree needles from the carpet with a stiff push broom as your guests are arriving for dinner.0

Merry Christmas!

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