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What vegetables to keep in aquarium?


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Heres what I've tried:

-sweet potato




-lettuce/cabbage/leafy greens


-water chestnut (more for ponds)

-banana plant



There are WAY more I've seen other people do.The list is pretty long. Technically, if it can be grown hydroponically, then you could conceivable grow it in/out of an aquarium. One big challenge when growing most vegetables is light. Most of the commonly known veggies require a lot of light. Granted, this is in the context of them being grow for maximum yield in regards to human consumption. If you don't mind some etiolation, then it should work out alright. I would still say you should give them some kind of accessory lighting for the foliage (if they will be growing up and out of the tank, away from the aquarium light). If you grow from seed I like to start them in rock wool so I don't have to deal with soil. If you have them in soil, wash off as much as you can before putting in your tank. If it's a vine of some kind you can take a cutting and root it in the tank. Many vines will have little root bumps. I forgot to mention one more thing: pesticides. Most vegetables that are commercially produced are treated with pesticides (even organic ones). You can check whatever label the plant comes with. They will usually say what they've been treated with,  or direct you to where you can find out. The ones you really need to look out for is neonicotenoids. They can be harmful to crustaceans.


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