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l Has anyone had experience with selling on aqua bid?


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I'll be learning right along with you, aiming to sell on Aquabid this season. I'm waiting until after the Holiday mail-rush to start so that my boxes will get to buyers in adequate time. I've also invested in good shipping supplies.

You'll want to learn how to effectively ship fish first. I use breather bags, styrofoam boards from Lowes for lining, Priority Mail Boxes (Large), and loads of Paper towels to cushion. I buy 72-hr heat packs, and once started, place inside a brown paper bag and tape on lid. But I allow the heat pack to go for 45 mins. before sealing up the box because it uses a lot of oxygen in the first hour.

Having shipped fish successfully a number of times now, I'm reasonably confident I can satisfy customers on Aquabid. You'll need to set up an account. The site is a bit byzantine in its coding, but it works alright. I use a mac, so it's pretty easy to produce the file types and sizes they need as far as photos go. I'd have a good study at how Dan's Fish sells. He's got his system down.

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I've been selling on Aquabid for a year+ now and it's been a positive experience. As fishfolk said, spend some time getting packaging down.

Aquabid is simple to use, but keeping up with inquiries and sales via email can be time consuming.  Email is not the most efficient way to manage orders, in my experience, but if you just sell occasionally, it's not too bad. 

It's also useful to spend some time going back through the auction histories via the 'Closed Auctions' link to see what  the things you want to sell have typically sold for.


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