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Aquarium Analyses: 17 Tanks

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Thinking / analysis / planning “out loud” here. Your input most welcome!

Here are all 17 tanks in my basement-fishroom. Indicated info: tank size, current stocking, and future plans.

(1) 20 gal. long / 17-20 German Blue Rams grow-out, 15-18 Glowlight Pygmy Barbs.


— 2022 Goals: sell all healthy RamS

— Not sure what’s next in here…

(2) 10 gal. Firecracker Guppy and Cherry Shrimp Colony (I never count) / 1 male Bristlenose Pleco nearing breeding age


— 2022 Goals: sell all livestock, do something different in here

(3) 10 gal. Metallic Snakeskin Guppy Colony


— 2022 Goals: Selectively breed and sell trios

(4) 20 gal. tall: Banded Darter species-only tank (ca. 6 Darters)


— 2022 Goals: one successful breeding of this species in springtime

(5) 55 gal. Electric Blue Acara and Bristlenose Pleco Growout … hundreds and hundreds of fish …


— 2022 Goals: sell these fish online and ship to buyers in lower 48 USA

(6) 33 gal. long. Emerald Killifish colony / pair of breeding Bristlenose Plecos


2022 Goals: Sell killis online and at Fish Club

(7) 5.5 gal. Daisy’s Blue Eyed Ricefish 


— 2022 Goals: Either breed them, or sell them and repurpose

(8) 5.5 gal. Golden Whitecloud colony


— 2022 Goals: Sell these off and repurpose the tank

(9) 10 gal. Emerald killifish breeding tank


— 2022 Goals: Either keep breeding, or sell off and repurpose… not sure

(10) 20 gal. long. Mutt Guppy Colony


— 2022 Goals: Continue to cull and sell colorful specimens. Possibly move to outdoor ponds for summer rubbing breeding projects

(11) 2.5 gal. Killifish fry tank, also overrun with cherry shrimplets


2022 Goals: Let them grow, and eventually rehome to new tanks

(12) 20 gal. long. Redbelly Dace and Darter tank, cold water, US natives


— 2022 Goals: try to have one successful breeding of the RBDs

(13) 55 gal. Discus Tank, 3x Electric Blue Acaras, 3x Enerald Killifish, 4-5x Bristlenose Plecos


— 2022 Goals: Work with stocking (lessen) to procure one pairing… successfully breed Discus at least once

(14) 40 gal. breeder. Electric Blue Acaras, 2x adults, 8x juveniles, ca. 10x Colombian Tetras, 2-4x Bristlenose Plecos


— 2022 Goals: Not sure here… might sell them all and try a totally new species in here.

(15) 20 gal. long Xenotoca doadrioi (Redtail Goodeids) colony


— 2022 Goals: Keep this going. They’re an endangered fish. Sell to responsible buyers to keep propagating the line.

(16) 20 gal. long. Rainbow Shiner fry growout, ca. 20x


— 2022 Goals: Keep these growing out to full color and maturity

(17) 10 gal. Quarantine Tank, filled with wild type guppies


— 2022 Goals: Sell off as feeder fish… perhaps sell better looking males at fish club as “skittles” guppies


There we are. End of 2021 with some goals looking ahead. Would love to hear from other NERMs.

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@Beardedbillygoat1975 I really enjoy my 33 gal. long. For smaller fish, I enjoy it more than a 40 gal breeder. Larger fish -- Angels, Larger cichlids, etc, I'd prefer a 40 gal breeder. I do use a tiny water pump to help with water flow with my 33 gal, and I use 3x sponger filters just to keep it from getting any really "still" spots. Because it's a shallower tank, the plants seem to appreciate my cheapo lighting. It's the same footprint as a 55 gal, so any stand built for one works fine with the other. It's just 7 inches shorter than a 55 gal.

Here are three shots from back when we set it up as a Mutt Guppy colony at a local grade school...




Because it is not as tall as a 55 gal, you'll really appreciate having a large stand for it. Honestly, it's probably one of my favorite tanks. I'm not sure what to try breeding in it once I sell all of the Emerald Killifish . . . not sure at all . . . maybe a huge blackwater Apistogramma Cacatuoides tank?? 

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That's really a good point in terms of the inconvenience everyone talks about ie 55 g is the depth and lighting it whereas the 33L that's not an issue. I am leaning toward a 40 breeder vs 55 to do angels, hatchets and corys maybe some black or gold or both rams. She may come at me about the weight and amount of water of a 40/55 so a 33 L with no angels but the rams, hatchets and corys may be a good compromise. 

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I always try to think ahead and what's best for the fish. I would not want to do Angels in a lower tank, a pair in a 29 g is a consideration but breeding pairs of angels aren't cheap. Easier to get a group and let them sort it out. I am also kind of picky in terms of the type of angel I want to breed so I am bidding my time until I can do it right. 

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