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My Comical Adventure Buying Tanks..

Scotch Zukington

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Today started as any other Sunday.. I awoke to the smell of coffee and breakfast, yes my woman spoils me.. slaps gut, see.. that there is called love..

So I jumped online, read a few political sites, jumped on Craigslist, kissed the woman as she was heading out to the store. Got another cup of coffee and started to read the adds.. I then stumbled upon an add that was selling Fish Tanks... Ok, I'm hooked (pun intended).. as I'm obsessing over 10g tank(s) at the moment.. Breeding session going on in my fish room.. 10g tanks are crack to me atm.. 😄

Anyway.. I click on the add and this guy was selling all his Fish Items..

(1) 65g - (2) 55g - (1) 30g - (1) 20g long - (2) 10g - (1) 5g & Misc parts..

OK this is either going to be very expensive, or he already sold them all.. Mind you I'm drooling over the (2) 10g tanks.. So I called this guy, which he ended up being 5mi from my house (major shocker there) and he told me IF I got there in the next hour, he will sell me all the tanks and Misc. parts for $80.. 😲 I think I told him, for which tank..? He replied.. ALL of them.. I'm moving and first load is headed out and so am I.. He then told me some other guy just called and was interested in the 65g. I said no problemo, I'm more interested in the 10's..

So long story short - (as possible) - I'm like yelling to my woman. Keys Keys.. lol.. Silence.. Ohh cr@p, she took the truck to get groceries.. Ok, calm down.. but noo, my  OCD brain is telling me.. Get yer fat *** up and run forest run.. Ahh.. I called the guy back asked if would hold the 10's.. First come he replied, ahhh.. Ok Ok... I'll be right there.. Then he said i got another guy coming to get the 55g tanks.. im yea yea.. no biggie...

Hang up, call the woman.. Voice mail.. WTF.. noo.. I'm now in Psycho ex-boyfriend mode.. Spam calling her 100x's..  No answer.. Ahh 😵
My brain is now telling me, if I get there and get all the tanks, I can sell the 65 & 55's for $175, that's food, pumps, tubing and more 10g tanks.. Now I'm even more anxious to get there and get all the tanks, not just the 10's.. OMG where is she.. ahhh 🤬

30mins pass...
I'm now in the 5-stages of Grief.. as I've completely shut down, cold sweats, shaking in a huddled mess in the laundry room.. Tears are flowing, knowing I've loss something I've never even owned and or touched but the feelings I had, the excitement we shared, all the plans we made.. Why god.. why me.. why today.... Wait... Whats that.. It's her, she home !! Run Forest, run to her.. Run like you've never ran before... !! You've never been so happy to see her, tell her you love her, as your rip the keys from her hands.. Groceries go flying, you side arm your woman, like OJ Simpson running for a touchdown at USC.. Keys fumbling hand to hand as I slide into the truck.. Noooo, it's her house key, I snagged key from the wrong hand.. Ahhhh

I wake up.. Wow, that was some dream I had.. Felt so real I say to myself as I'm looking at all the tanks, 3-HOB filter and a box full of fish items I've yet to go through... $80 bucks.. Not bad, Not Bad.. !!

After the first call, the woman and I went and picked up all the tanks..
Thanks for reading my sad attempt to make fun of myself and make you laugh.. 🙂


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While not as dramatic as yours, I also have a Craigslist story.  A couple years ago I found an ad for a fish tank being sold cheap.  Of course the listing didn't give the size, but it looked like maybe a 20 long, so I went and looked.  It was, so I bought it.

A few days later I started setting it up.  I noticed some hard water buildup on the glass, so I got my scraper and vinegar and went to work.  After about an hour I got on the phone and started calling around to the local pet stores.  I found a new 20 long at Pet Supplies Plus, and they were even having their dollar per gallon sale, so I loaded up my Craigslist treasure and headed that way.

While there I happened to ask the young man who carried it out to the truck if he had fish.  He did.  Would he like a free tank?  Yes, he would.

No more used tanks for me.

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