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Sinking Meaty Pellet Food


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I use Hikari Sinking Wafers, (bearing in mind I don't have Assassins but Mystery, Bladder and Nerites of many types) they're small my snails and Hillstream seem to appreciate them. It does have some green stuff in it but first ingredient is fish meal, there's also silkworm pupae, yeast, fish oil, krill meal. 

Somtimes with snails IME it takes trial and error foods until you find what your snails gravitate towards. 

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I feed sera discus granules to all my fish, seems like a higher quality version of tetra tropical granules.

I got the giant bucket. I was buying it by the pound at a fish farm supply store before the price dropped on Amazon.

I was a little nervous that I would potentially be getting old stock or food that would soon expire. But was relieved to find out it was shipped direct from sera to amazon and had a "date packed" label within a few weeks of when I got it.

Never tried to intentionally feed it to snails but they will eat any if its left over. All my fish like it, even my cat likes it lol.

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