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Tumor? Cyst? HITH?


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My female betta has what has become a massive growth. She had a small spot when I got her, but over the last month it has ballooned. Now that I'm closely watching her, I see small pits in her head that I can't tell if they are sensory pits or hole in the head. Then finally today  I also noticed her eyes are and staring to be covered, I'm guessing from being a dragon scale? 

She is still eating, but isn't as active as she usually is. Should I move her out of her community tank? Any luck and treating her?  No other in the tank fish seem sick, but I have a couple of juvenile plecos (2" or less) in there that are particularly special to me. 

FYI she isn't yellowing like the first picture may suggest! 

Thanks for your help! I'm afraid to post about sickness on other pages because no doubt I would be ripped apart 😞 

Diamond Pic 1.jpg

diamond 2.jpg

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