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Koi jumped out, what do I do?


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I moved the two koi this morning, tank placement was 6” off floor so when they were spooked they went down. New placement has them eye level or slightly above and I guess one got spooked and went up and out of the tank on the floor. I’ve been in and out of the fishroom with lights out since I moved them. It has been about an hour I can say for sure he was still on the tank.

when I found him on the floor there was no movement so I scooped him up with a wet net and put him back in the tank. He started twitching and gasping. Some of his scales were off on the floor carpet. It’s been 10-ish minutes and he seems to be holding on.

what should I do? Salt, wait and see, a certain med, ???

Was gonna post a couple pics but can’t really see because of his natural coloration. So they just look like a fish floating on its side.

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Thank you all very much,

he is seemingly pulling through, he is now swimming around and even pecking at the substrate. I will keep a close eye on him and do a couple extra water changes this week. 
ingot some decent pics now 1st is the side without much damage 2nd is damaged.CA38A1A6-F13F-4CFE-84A3-8FAF9B2D5E49.jpeg.7ccc2b234d43cd03b204640f6b55389f.jpeg


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