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New Snail saving the day!


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I am 2 months into a nuts algae bloom. Adjustments to lights, feeding, water changes, etc. and I'm making good progress. The algae is beginning to die off a bit, but there is still well more than a feast for my Hilstream Loaches. 
I just added a couple more fish. A 3rd Hillstream because last time only 2 from the store survived. I found a 3rd Emerald Cory to help make a small school and this huge Orange Mystery Snail, which is the largest thing in the tank!
It immediately went to the one type of Algae growing on my Crypts and started going ham. It didn't eat much, but it ate some and that's good because its a black stringy algae nothing touches it. I've been nervous it's black beard and have been told by people here and other places it's either black beard or a type of hair. Either way, I now have a bit of a solution. It's exciting.

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