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Ottos and Amazon Swords

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Thanks! Right now I’m in the delicate balancing act of not over feeding the tank to control the snail population. It seems like the algae wafers I put in immediately get mobbed by the snails (faster than they look). I don’t really have a problem with the ottos munching on the swords, just never heard of it. Wanted to make sure it wasn’t a nutrient deficiency with the plant. 

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Actually my guess is that the sword does have a nutrient deficiency that’s causing weak spots on the leaves, and the snails are eating the weaker tissue. You very well may need to feed your otos more if the snails are mobbing their food, but I think that’s a separate issue. I would recommend adjusting your fertilization (probably more potassium according to this chart) and getting rid of maybe half your snails. You *could* wait for the snails to die on their own, but in the meantime they’ll keep eating the plant wherever they can.

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IME Otos like Amazons a lot. Mine lay eggs on the undersides of the leaves. I've never seen them do damage to them.

I also agree snails usually eat weakened plants, not healthy ones.

I pulled my Otos from my tanks that have snails, they were outcompeted for food, you could try  feeding them at night. You could also feed from a small plate or bowl and remove the snails when they crawl on.

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