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My fish room build


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Hello Lefty,

Thank you so much for your feedback and response. Yes, I have pulled electric through a shared wall (in my laundry room) that is a 20 amp GFI. I then added a number of outlets in the fish room from that. Check out the video, and see if I did it right.

Thanks again!

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Question for everyone. What should I do next?

This far I’ve done:

1. Add electrical outlets

2. Insulate the attic space above the fish room

3. Frame, drywall and insulate the fourth wall of the fish room. (Currently finishing)

I plan to paint the walls and floor once the fourth wall is finished. After that should I:

A. Build racks

B. Set up drainage for water change system

C. Something else?

Thanks to the community for your help and input.

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