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Mulm settling on all surfaces of the tank?

Lexi B

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I can't figure out with this is happening. My 6 gallon tank has a single male Betta in it along with a sword, some pennywort, and a crypt lucens. Its being filtered by a single aquarium co op brand sponge. 

I feed once a day and fertilize once a week in the water column, and typically do a water change of 25% each week. (Recently it's been more often than once a week because the cycle crashed due to some antibiotics.)

Am I doing something wrong? I've never had this happen before, and I used this exact filter only it was in a rectangular tank instead of a cube 


Edit: the tank is an exact mirror to my other Betta tank with the same set up and stocking. (only it has Lillies and anubias instead of swords and crypts.) That tank doesn't have the same mulm problem. 


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I find in my new set up tanks and tanks that have recently had cycle issues mulm builds up mor rapidly on everything .  I attribute this to less bacteria to consume the excess. How correct I am 🤷‍♀️I use a turkey baster or coral feeder to “dust” everything before I gravel vac. I know betta are sensitive to excess flow but a very small nano hob for $15 on Amazon will flow slow enough for the betta but increase it enough to keep mulm from accumulating so rapidly on plants until the tank is well established and settled in. 

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