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Worshershier says hello!


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Hello folks. Been fish Keeping for just over a year and a half. Started with a 10 gallon tank for my 3 kiddos. It took about 3 days before I realized I was already addicted. YouTube was fuel to the fire and I started cramming all the information from every fish keeping video I could watch. After a few months of learning I made every mistake a new fish keeper can make everything seemed to get easy. That's when I decided to start my 2nd tank. Against all advice from my new best friends at the local fish store I set up another 10 gallon tank. I ordered all the plants and filters from Aquarium Co-op. After planning to make it a pea puffer tank I watch it cycle. Then when it was ready I couldn't find any pea puffers within 100 miles from me. I happened to go the fish store one time without my kids and I seen this little not even 1/2 inch fahaka puffer looking at me in the back section of a divied tank( I wouldn't have noticed him if my kids where there). I took him home without a 2nd thought. After watching Corey's videos on puffer fish before I even made a tank for pea puffers I had done alot of research on several fresh water puffers( all Corey's fault). I knew this was gonna be my buddy. I also got very lucky a few weeks prior to getting my Fahaka. A new friend gave me 180 gallon acrylic tank which was so scratched up you couldn't see into it. 3 weeks of elbow grease it was good as new. After getting my Fahaka me and my daughter named him Worshershier. Knowing that the wife hates it when me and the daughter go grocery shopping because of our love of annoying her by watching around the store saying "worshershier", it seemed like the perfect name. I had moved him from a 10 gallon to a 20 gallon. After a month. Then the fear of having to take him back to the fish store really fired up my attention to finishing the 180 gallon build. After a few months of saving, building and researching. I finally got my tank going. The move to the 180 has been amazing. I have watch him grow from 3 inch to 8 inch in about 2 months. I have added a few fish in with him recently and he hasn't eaten any YET. While I was building his 180 gallon tank I also started breeding mystery snails. I have a 39 tall tank that is actually one of my favorite tanks to look at even though in all reality it's a bait tank. My 20 gallon tank that I moved my Worshershier out of became the new home to my fish in my first 10 gallon tank. It was a must do to keep the peace in the house. So I went from 5 tanks down to 3 tanks. Happy wife happy life. There are future plans that the wife has given the ok to in the family room(fish room). But until then I am gonna enjoy what I have now. Thanks for readying if you have made it this far. And thank you Corey for what you have dont for the hobby and my own person slice of paradise.





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