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Dojo loach tank mates


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What’s everyone’s opinion on dojos mates? I know the one thing about them is they like it a bit cold. Around 65° to 75° from why I’ve looked at. 

im getting a 125and getting a couple different ones like albinos and natural colored ones. These will be my main fish. This tank will have 2 large pieces of wood set in a way that there’s a valley between them but at an angle that makes a blind spot if looking directly at the tank. This tank will have a mic of gravel and sand with a lot of plants. 

I was thinking of getting a rare pleco, a couple emerald corries and then golden barbs and some congo tetras. My issue is the temp for the dojos is on the end for congos. Any opinions or alternatives? I love the colors of the males and the schooling so that’s why I’m interested in them as mid to top dwellers.

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