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Guppy in labor(I think)


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Would appreciate any advice. Yesterday morning I was getting ready to feed the fish and noticed a guppy fry. I quickly remove the other 5 guppies and while scooping one out . The last one was able to catch and eat a fry. 😔 So I don't know when she started to have fry. I count 3 and 1 was eaten that I know of. Its been 24hrs and still 3 fry behind the wall of plants and decorations. Hoping the mom won't eat them. Question is how long should i leave her in the fry tank? I'm a newbie to this fry stuff. (First two pics, thats poop not a 🐟)20201006_122628.jpg.9ba21317c928b9ee71fa1d4ff84db6b4.jpg20201006_122840.jpg.53411dc6905b89f3d87e54fb666b5f8d.jpg20201006_122028.jpg.3a18f8286d85395dcd72ac0b733ab6dd.jpg20201006_122923.jpg.a4336bd237522c09b48ad7ade94f9ee8.jpg

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