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I'm very new, i bought cherry shrimps. Please help me tell the gender, i'm sure the one is female because big and has yellow saddle, Please tell me about the other? Is it male?20211216_110015.jpg.8c59db04c69a5419897c3e57e31bf7f4.jpg20211216_110036.jpg.e50ee723646880e84f7350918b175e0b.jpg (See picture) 

I put them in fish breeding box, only 3 Cherry shrimps (2 female and 1 unknown), because i have 2 danios and 3 white cloud minnows in 10 gallon main tank, i have big rocks, plants, driftwood and moss for hiding in the main tank. But i'm thinking to keep cherry shrimps until they are breeding in breeding box so the baby shrimps won't get eaten by fish. Is it good to keep cherry shrimp in breeding box? Will they breeding there? I clean up breeding box everyday by take the left over food and shrimps poo.

Should i put them to main tank together with the fish? But i worry i couldn't see them or check on them if they still alive because many hiding spot and gravel, so hard to see as they are too small.

Please advise,  Thank you

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If you mean the male is not trying to get close to her after a molt that’s normal.Shrimp molt when water conditions change ie. New to your tank. That does not mean she is ready to breed even though she is showing a saddle. The eggs in the saddle may not be developed far enough to fertilize. When she molts because she is actually ready to breed she will emit pheromones that attract the male. He and other males will actively swim through the water column to find her. If a shrimp is close to fitting in the fishes mouth they can become prey. So almost any fish is a potential threat to your shrimp. Can you set up a 5 gallon tote or small tank until they breed enough that if one gets nabbed it is not an issue?  If it’s really dense planters and hiding they will find hiding spaces but then you will not find them. I thought my guppy fry/juveniles took out a small group. I had not seen them in a month +. I started finding molts after a month. 3 months later I changed the substrate after not ever seeing them. Turns out there were about 15 in there. So you may not see them for long period with there only being 3. Now they do fine with my CPD and guppies. I see them because there are tons of them. 

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