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Taiwan Lily, bunch plants aren't vigorous!

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Although my  55 gallon tank seems fine, my Taiwan Lily and bunch plants never grow strongly...in fact, they seem to decline after a few weeks! I always heard that Taiwan lilies are easy to grow, even in low light. Anubias, Java fern, Crinum, Aponogeton and Bolbitus are growing nicely.


I dose 5 pumps of Easy Green, twice a week. I do 2 partial water changes weekly( gravel vac once a week). My light is  the 'Edge' which claims to be well suited for plant growth. The light is set for 6hrs daily. 

My water parameters seem to be ok according to the strip test. Cardinals tetras, dwarf neon rainbows, red phantoms, ottos and panda garas are thriving!  I think my tank is attractive, I just wish that I could get my rare Taiwan lily and bunch plants  to become vigorous! Pennywort,ludwigia and rotala are 'spindly'! I don't want to use CO2.

Should I increase to 3 doses a week of Easy Green? Should I lengthen my light schedule? ( I already have green spot algae on anubia leaves and glass.)  

Thanks for your advice in advance!








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