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Not sure why this plant isn’t doing well


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E3819C4F-D640-4298-805F-86D9994F76DA.jpeg.a1a52d57db94ef1e36a7cc26b82e61cd.jpegNot sure the plant type wife bought it about a year ago. But it just seem to continue to struggle. While the Java fern  and Amazon sword seem to do well. I have root tabs around it and but a easy green in once and a while. But it just seems like it stays this way.  I have read the plant trouble shooting blog post but still unsure.

thanks in advance for the great help that   This place seems to always provide with the fish police pleasantly absent. 

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On 12/14/2021 at 3:42 PM, Ken Burke said:

Is that a melon sword?  Is it getting enough light?


I thought it was an Anubias but wife can’t remember to confirmA5260114-2CC8-4665-B1EC-885C5FF6640D.jpeg.d540f88c280f7208c4e0702726eec76e.jpeg

It came from petsmart. I do have 2 24 inch lights on that side of the tank but the one on the edge is just a nicrew the one more in the middle is a marine land. It’s a 90 gallon tank so ~24 inch deep.

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