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Corydoras multiradiatus and splendens in temperate tank


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Hi all,

I'm looking for a big species of cory that can go down to temperatures of around 18-20°C for 3 months each year. 

Cory suggested in an article/video Corydoras multiradiatus as a tank mate for goldfish so does anyone know if they can go that low?

C. splendens are another good option size/looks wise but again, I don't want to accidentally kill them with temperatures below 20. I have tried to find details of water temperatures in their natural habitat but had no luck. 

I already know that peppered and bronze corydoras should be ok but they're a bit small. I need them to be too large for a Channa andrao to be tempted to eat.

Any help much appreciated.





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54 minutes ago, Cory said:

They should be able to handle that. Also look into barbatus corydoras as they prefer those cool temps.

Thank you that's really good to know! The barbatus look like another nice option although I am not sure how easy they are to find near me. 

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