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Eggs in quarantine tank


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Put a couple of koi angels in quarantine tank late Saturday. Wasn't sure about the sex. Sunday they were still a bit shy as usual getting used to the new environment and being fed. The tank is in my office but I wasn't watching them while working yesterday, but after work my daughter informed me that they had deposited eggs on the PVC. I then observed what I assume was the male going over the eggs. 

It's funny because the place I got them had a breeding pair of white lace for sale, and I was kind of considering it, but they had to separate them due to the male being aggressive.  



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The guy in the LFS showing us the koi angels was pretty experienced breeding them... thought the ones they had were all males... my 13 year old daughter said "that one there looks like a female, we'll take her".... I'm never going fish shopping without her 🙂

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