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Basement Space Heater


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Hello all,

This is my first winter in my own house and I currently keep my aquarium rack in my basement. I currently have the thermostat set to 71, which my upstairs is at, I'm assuming. My basement is far colder, I'm assuming since cold air sinks and the concrete slab under my carpet chilling the room. 

I didn't know how people keep their basements warm enough during the winter or if anyone had any recommendations for heaters that would sustainably heat the room, even while I away from the house. 

I think what I am needing (based on preliminary researching) is an oil-filled space heater, but have no previous experience with space heaters or how safe it is to leave it running while away. 

Here's the current temps on my tanks, bottom rack: 65 degrees, middle 68-69, top rack 70-ish. Granted I mostly keep shrimp and cool water fish like CPD's in unheated tanks, all of my sub-tropicals have heaters in them.

Didn't know if any other nerms had any previous or current experience with heating finished basements for fish racks and what the best options are?

Thanks in advance!

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i would, if you havent already set up the tanks so that the cold water tolerable fish, and shrimp are in the bottom tanks. the mid 60's wont bother them in the least. most tropicals will do okay at any of those temps, but will be happier in the 70 or higher temps. for me after that, it would be the question of how many watts of electricity are you going to use. if you only have a few tanks that need heat, individual in tanks heaters might be more economical long run. if you need to heat many , than an oil filled space heater might be the way to go.

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