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Building Aquarium - Where to get glass??


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Hi y’all!

I’m in the Seattle, WA area and I’m looking to surprise my wife by building her a nano tank for Christmas. I have been calling around getting quotes on 1/8 glass and the prices have been outrageous. It would be cheaper to just buy one.

With that being said, would anyone in the general vicinity have any ideas where I could find 1/8 glass for a good price? Home Depot and Lowe’s only have 3/32, and that thin of glass scares me.

Thanks so much for your help! Photo for attention.


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If you know what sizes you need the pieces, any glass shop should be able to help you, Be sure to tell them you want the edges sanded and polished so they aren't sharp. Glass prices have gone up, I just had to order some pieces yesterday at work for shelves in a display case, and its almost double what I paid two years ago!

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