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Moving fish tank


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It may depend on the fish, but I kept a tank on top of a washing machine for quite a while without any problems.  And they are probably more sensitive to vibration than noise.   

It will be much easier to maintain in the kitchen.  My fish currently don't seem to bother about much its in my living room and aside from mobbing me for food they don't seem to care what else is going on (they spot me as soon as walk in). But they don't notice the tv or traffic outside.  Sometimes if a door slams the bigger ones hide but only for a few seconds and that makes me jump so fair enough. 

I am sure the move will be fine and you'll be off school soon so you can keep an eye on things. But don't worry to much parents tend to be very firm on things like this so go with it and buy them some pre-ground coffee for Christmas 😉

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