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Can the LED light included in my Marina 10 gallons starter kit grow any live plants or moss?

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I bought the Marina 10 gallons aquarium LED kit. My substrate is flourite black.

Can the LED light included in the lid grow any live plants and/or moss? 
I will use the aquarium for 5-6 guppies and cherry shrimps. My hope would be to grow a carpet of moss using 2 meshes tied together so the shrimps can hide in it. Is it possible with that light?
If yes, should I use fertilizer/root tabs, anything?

Any other type of plants, moss or floating plants could grow?

Thank you!


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Hello Karen,

You should be able to grow java moss on the mesh if you can't grow any other carpeting plant. I don't know if marine lights are lights are different for freshwater plants so you'll have to wait for someone more experienced to reply. I did start my hobby on low tech so defiantly get yourself some Anubius, nana or bartri (big) There super easy and dont really need fertilizing, just try not bury the roots as it likes to be attached to things. There are websites and videos on low tech plants so try them. Java moss doesn't really require ferts just trim it and it should come back thicker.

Floating plants require a bit more light in my opinion but try water lettuce and try not lets splash back of bubbles get inside the plant which causes rot (but it's banned in the States so if you live there you'll have to look into it). Amazon frogbit is your next floater but it will need moderate light so see if other plants are growing then try it. dont let water sit on top this plant either. Your last option is Duckweed but this is the herpes of all aquarium plants SO ADD THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK, you will not get it out again. it multiplies fast but it may block out light for other plants. 

Some recommend anacharis, (waterweed/elodea) as a low tech floater but mine broke into pieces so I cringe every time I see it but it grows well in my pond and it doesn't like to be planted so weigh it down instead. Same with Hornwort.

Water sprite is good for shrimp and can be floated or anchored down. make sure your water flow is steady and doesn't send it flying across the tank, needs trimming sometimes.

Pearl weed is considered low tech but can be delicate so plant the basket in the water after acclimating it first. I've never had any. 

And if all else fails try to attach some pothos, (money plant, Devils ivy) in the tank. just the roots have to be submerged, either place it it the hang on the back filter cartridge or let it hang near the lid. Its an acquired taste but this is a hardy house plant that will take low room light. It is a sponge for absorbing nutrients so it can starve out other plants Here is a link from one of the mods, Candi, about pearl weed


Anyway give these a go and if you get die back or the plant stretches out for the light, lose it's leaves or comes out the gravel too many times then it's the light. these plants are low tech but if you feel the need to give them a boost then pick up some easy green and use it appropriately as you dont want excessive algae. I believe it shrimp safe but check anyway.

Sorry for the rambling and Goodluck. FAFNF  

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